Office Party

Recently we have an monthly office party in Ninfas . We enjoyed on this party very much . However there is a loadsheding for 2 hours. As a result our eating start lately. However we eat a lot and enjoy every moment. 11-03-07_20592.jpg

    • Hassan
    • April 23rd, 2007


  1. Nice to hear from you.keep on going….

    • Fuad
    • May 30th, 2007

    Nice party indeed !

  2. Saidur,

    Which one are you?

  3. To Jesse:
    Saidur Rahman Bijon bhai is 2nd from right between 2 others with black and blue shirts.

    To all:
    From left:
    Fuad Hussain (ash shirt)
    (may be) Shafiqul Kabir (Beacon) (right half of face is visible)
    unknown (middleman with Black shirt
    Saidur Rahman Bijon
    Salman Zaman (cyan shirt)

    To Bijon bhai:
    Are there other pictures available with higher resolution?

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