Awesome PHPXperts Seminar 2009.. Overview OpenSource Ecommerce Application – Magento

Recently an Awesome PHPXperts Seminar,2009  had been held at BRAC University , Dhaka .PHPXperts is one of the largest community in Bangladesh. At that seminar lot of programmers were present under a roof. And the presentation topic was the “Current development trends.” And I have an opportunity to speech on that seminar. Thanks Hasin bhai and other moderators to give this opportunity.

I am sharing my present slide at slide share.

In my presentation, my intension is to know the basic ecommerce features and the tools to make an ecommerce solution. For the tools I have described the mostly popular and idely used 4 open source solutions.

They are oscomemrce, zencart, virtumart and magento. And share with little with all the features ,pros and corns of those ecommerce . And finally I have give the idea about current ecommerce application trends  which is magento .

After that presentation I found that lots of peoples are interested about the ecommerce solution. And I just want to say that I am very sorry for those who raise hands but they do not get the chance to ask questions. Because of our shortage of time. But I will be glad if you contact with me to know anything or  any suggestion  .:)

  1. thanks

    • Debashish
    • May 18th, 2009

    At first , I want to say thanks for your speech on that seminar .
    Basically, I want to know how to install Magento in local PC
    and please gives some link based on that and links on documentation also.
    Best of luck

  2. That was a Nice and Concrete presentation. If at least one person gets involved with the open source e-commerce solution after that … you are successful. And bingo … you have got at least one – that is me. I am interested in magento and trying to learn it. For help I will knock you and disturb you every noe and then. 😀

  3. nice presentation bijon bhai, really loved it. i am sure you really loved being in touch with the audience and speaking and spitting out around 😉

  4. @Debashish : You can find the local pc installation instruction from here :

    @Himel Nag Rana bhai : it’s my pleasure to hear that you get inspire to learn Magento . I will be happy if you knock me for any purpose

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