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Mooving my Carrier further

I am leaving the informatix software. Today is the last day of informatix software. I have passed a very wornderful moment at informatix. In the informatix I have spend my time like a family member. I got lots of help from the mizan bhai, Ehsan bhai,yunus bhai , khabir bhai , shojib bhai and sumon bhai. And passing a very memorable moment with them.  I am very much thankful to  all of them for their friendly behavior.

From the december i will join at the blueliner bangladesh team as a Senior software engineer. I am requestiing all of you to pray for me.


How to be a very good php application developer

I have a find a very nice guideline to become a good php application developer . These are very useful for recent job market. This  guideline  is originallay writtern by  hasin bhai . As i find this is very useful and helps us lot that’s why I write in my  blog.

0. php?? wtf!!

really, if you know only php, you will hardly get a better job that the one you are doing currently. rather there are chances your boss will fire you soon to get someone who know some not-php things (no offense). in web application development industry you can’t survive knowing only php anymore. yuo have to posses quite a good skill in relevant technologies like database (both mysql or pgsql) and i dont mean that only executing sql queries is enough for that. for better ui and user interaction you must know javascript and that’s a must. css is also an unavoidable part to know to survive. last but not the least, did i mention about html??

1. communication skill

this is something you must show while you are being interviewed. this is must for delivering your ideas to your team mates or make your team-lead understand what the problem you are stuck into. if you are not good in communicating (or atleast not trying to improve), you are stuck in an infinite loop of not getting a better job

2. there is a word called “trend”

do you know about web 2.0, the rest based api and web services that are being used by millions of developers worldwide? if you are asked to embed a google map or search the content from a typical subset of categories (blogrolls, sports) do you know where and how to do that? developer’s life is now quite easy with the help of these tools and services. do you know any of them? even if you are a beginner, you shud know about that

3. framework

whether a cms framework or application development framework you should know about them. these days raw php is used only in very limited sector. everyone are using some sort of frameworks (either a popular one, or a new one developed by them specializing to suit their needs, whatever). so you should have quite a good knowledge on the basic concepts of a framework and reusable object libraries like pear, ezcomponents, codeigniter, zend framework, pecl, ……

4. are you that guy who tries to code everything by your own?

the reusability now delivers a broader meaning. there are thousand of reusable object libraries. if you want to shoot every sort of problem by your own coded libraries, thats a bad idea. because there might be some proven technologies about that problem and in most cases that solution pursue less bugs and better performance that the one you just wrte (as many other developers contributed there, the blessings of open source), so you should make use of them

5. keep studying, know the basics and improve yourself

if you are thinking why you can’t access client’s local folders and files using php, i must say you should study more and strengthen your basics. study the core <language> books (like core php, core java – those tastes good), find popular titles on the sector you work (amazon is a good place to find good books based on user reviews) and also study some software engineering/ methodologies book (like code complete 2, practices of an agile developer).

6. job is no more local, it’s global

theer are may professional network like linked in, oDesk, get-a-free-lancer, rent-a-coder and there are many project owners who likes to outsource their project more than anyone (even you, coz they need to get it done) if you just show some expertise on the field you work on. you can work as a full time consultant or full time employee of many foreign companies who practices outsourcing/ offshoring. but one thing to remember, when you are competing for global jobs – there are a sudden raise of your competitors. you have to beat millions of other developers with your skillset whereas you had to fight with only a couple of talents in a local job. but this is true, if you really posses good basics and good communication skills, job is no more local for you  🙂

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Well from the guideline . I have found that php is in number 0. So i think you just know  php only, ultimately you are not a good application developer in the job market. So i will try to follow this things and become a very good things .

Please share  if you have much more others points .