1 Month in ECBB

Recently i joined to the ECBB Bangladesh LTD,which is a japanese e-commerce firm. This company develop a large web application. Like one of the recent applicationa is “BLOG CMS” which is at the end stage. I passed 1 month in this company.

From the very beginning in this company, i learn lot of the things and faces challenges . Let me share about my first experience on ECBB.First i share how this company work.
1. The full website design comes from the japan.They use the samrty template.So they send us the tpl file. Though you do not have to do design. But you have to know the basics of smarty and css. They also send us the documentation and power point presentation about the projects.

2. After getting the documents, then you have to design the database, class everything.
3. In japan , mojavi framework is very popular.If you know the framework cake php and CI , then you think this framework is more complicated framework. But it is mostly used in japan and our parent japnese firm know the framework very well.That’s why we have to develop all the things in mojavi framework.
4. You also find the bug and testing.
5.Finally you deliver to the japanise company.

Now let me share about my first project and challenges :
My first project is to update a existing e-commerce project (on line shop).But in this project ,they do not use the framework. But it is oop. And all of my colleague used to work in framework. So we (4) are the first time doing this type of project here. Also the databse is the postgresql.

my first challange is to set up postgresql in our local linux server. I set up lamp with postgresql and it work’s fine. But when i run the project then i face the problem.It seems that some links are working and some are not working. But on the other hand when i set up in the windows and xampp and postgresql 8.2.1 and run the project it works successfully. So i decided to set up lampp into the linux server and postgresql.But when i run the phppgadmin it does not login. all the faqs are looking and follow the step . but it does not solve. So as a result we have to d o in windows and check into main server which is in linux .

the next challanges are more interesting. We try to understand flow of the website. Tell
you the most funny things. we click a link and it shows the browser : localhsot/admin/form.html .So we go to the admin folder and try open the form.html .But in th e
admin folder there is no form.html. So we are surprise that how the form.html is display.We also looking all the docs but we do not find any form.html file. We could not find how this form.html is calling, which not existing in all the docs.After couple of days trying, we find a file .htaccess in the admin folder which is ignore as bogus file.we study on the htaccess and rewrite rule , after that we discover the page is calling. Actually i have no idea about htaccess before .

Well i will tell more challenges later…


Cheat Sheets

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Office Party

Recently we have an monthly office party in Ninfas . We enjoyed on this party very much . However there is a loadsheding for 2 hours. As a result our eating start lately. However we eat a lot and enjoy every moment. 11-03-07_20592.jpg